Custom Baseball Apparel, Now Available!

Logan Sports is proud to announce our new Team Apparel line. Perfect for travel baseball and inner league teams! We make playing sports affordable! Contact us for more details on how to save big on gear. All apparel is customized to fit your need.

Email or use the contact form to the right for information about ordering your individual pieces or packages now.

Chose from our wide selection of top quality baseball apparel and gear. Jerseys, Pants, Hats, Bags, Arm Warmers, Sweatshirts and more!

Baseball Gear


Button Down Baseball Jersey
Adult :$24.99 //  Child: $21.99

Baseball Pants
Adult: $15.00  //  Child: $13.00

Hoodie Sweatshirts
All Sizes: $29.99

All sizes: $8.99

Arm Sleeves
Plain: $8.99 //  Customized: $10.99

Bat Bag
Customized: $29.99



baseball Team apparel

baseball Team apparel
baseball Team apparel
About Logan Sports

Logan Sports LLC is a company that was developed in the Northeast of the United States. This area of the country is constantly dealing with various types of extreme weather. We have over 50 years of combined sports experience, and it is in our DNA to create competitive advantages when dealing with the weather extremes. Founder and owner, Robert Logan, has personally dealt with and has also witnessed others struggle to play sports in all types of weather, including snow. Finally, Rob has done something to help in these intense conditions, by introducing his own line of athletic gloves ­- they keep hands warm even when the weather isn’t.

The Logan Sports team’s passion for sports is second to none. We are not only obsessed with sports, but with making the game better and also giving everyone the opportunity to play at their best even when the weather does not cooperate.

The elements play a big part in the outcome of sports. The perfect weather is not always available, and in most cases is never controllable. Logan Sports has come up with a design that helps answer a simple question….When the weather is at its’ worst, wouldn’t you want a product that helps you manage that situation? Our product will help you answer that question. Logan Sports truly believes that the more comfortable you are during a game, the better you will play!

Logan Sports LLC, has designed and produced the most innovative, creative, and practical piece of sporting goods equipment to help combat the nasty elements of the weather, and give players the edge they need when the weather is at its’ worst. This piece of equipment is a patented athletic glove that incorporates a special design to keep your hands warm in the coldest of weather. The best part about our glove design is that the heating element does not change the effectiveness of the glove in any shape or form. Our first product to be introduced to the general public will be our batting glove line.